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Jaworki, an unofficial capital of the region

Ruś Szlachtowska (Shlakhtov Ruthenia) was a name introduced in 1930s by Prof. Roman Reinfuss to denote the region surrounding four villages (Biała and Czarna Woda, Jaworki and Szlachtowa) in the Grajcarek valley in the Pieniny mountains, in the Nowy Targ County of southern Poland.

The region was the westernmost area inhabited by Lemkos. It was separated from the rest of Lemkivshchyna by the Polish-dominated Poprad valley which led to isolation of the local population and it gradual assimilation with Poles and Slovaks, until Operation Vistula of 1947, when the Lemkos were deported together with Ukrainians to other areas of Poland and to the Soviet Union. Since then, the villages of Jaworki and Szlachtowa were gradually settled by Polish population from Podhale and Spisz, and the remaining two villages do not exist today.

It is not known for certain when the first settlers arrived in the valley, but it was probably not before the 15th century because Jan Długosz states nothing about the settlement in his Liber beneficiorum.[1]


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